About Tiny Planet

Tiny Planet started with the original Tiny Planet design—a circle of religious symbols—created in the fall of 2001 by Dorothea Mordan as a family card for December 2001 in response to cultural turmoil. It has since been a motif on packaged greeting cards, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

In 2016 Dorothea added the world graphic and in 2017 started this website TinyPlanet.Earth as a platform for messages which promote practical social and environmental issues.

The symbols—the same as on the original Tiny Planet, Big Dreams, Room for All t-shirt—were researched and chosen for a broad scope of modern and historical meaning, some so ancient and basic that they have a variety of meanings. From top right:

Nordic Rune: Brotherhood of Man
The Star of David: Judaism
Wheel of Life: Buddhism
Latin Cross: Christianity
Shinto: Ancient Japanese religion
Yang and Yin: the Balance of Energies
Crescent Moon and Star: Islam
Split lines and one with a parallel: Man’s free will to choose his path in life & the free will to change paths during life’s journey.
Center vertical line: Oneness.

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