About Tiny Planet

Tiny Planet is a brand from Chandler Designs, Ltd. Chandler Designs offers digital restoration, digital archiving of and consulting on family photos and ephemera, and archival custom picture framing. Tiny Planet’s mission, built from love of family history and desire to see our human family progress into the future, is to promote messages that matter and tiny steps that make life better. This website publishes essays on related topics and presents the latest products with Tiny Planet graphics. All designs are by Dorothea Mordan.

Tiny Planet started with the original Tiny Planet design—a circle of religious symbols—created in the fall of 2001 by Dorothea Mordan as a family card for December 2001 in response to cultural turmoil. It has since been a motif on packaged greeting cards, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

In 2016 Dorothea added the world graphic. This updated design is available on t-shirts and sweatshirts in the Tiny Planet Category in the Chandler Designs Store.

Original tee shirt design by Dorothea Mordan exclusively for Tiny Planet, Big Dreams, Room for All. © Dorothea Mordan, all rights reserved.

The symbols—the same as on the original Tiny Planet, Big Dreams, Room for All t-shirt—were researched and chosen for a broad scope of modern and historical meaning, some so ancient and basic that they have a variety of meanings.

From top right:

  1. Nordic Rune: Brotherhood of Man
  2. The Star of David: Judaism
  3. Wheel of Life: Buddhism
  4. Latin Cross: Christianity
  5. Shinto: Ancient Japanese religion
  6. Yang and Yin: the Balance of Energies
  7. Unity
  8. Crescent Moon and Star: Islam
  9. Split lines and one with a parallel: Man’s free will to choose his path in life & the free will to change paths during life’s journey.
  10. Hinduism
  11. Center vertical line: Oneness.