March for Our Lives attends Boulder, Colorado Public Hearing on an Assault Weapons and Ammunition Ban

Friend of Tiny Planet, Janet Salmons, wears her Tiny Planet, Big Dreams, Room for All tee shirt to activist events in Colorado and New Mexico. From Events spring 2018:

March for Our Lives in Albuquerque
March for Our Lives in Albuquerque

Janet’s story of speaking at the Boulder City Council Meeting 04/04/18:
“Boulder is considering an assault weapons and ammunition ban. Just happens gun violence is one of the causes our church has been active with this year. When I saw that there would be an public hearing, I couldn’t help but remember what we heard in one of the meetings: even if you think your elected reps will vote as you want them to, you need to show up because the other side is always there.
So I prepared some comments and away we went. It was terrifying! The hearing room, downstairs room, and library were full of people there for the hearing. The place was full of NRA people– they were handing out hats and talking points.  They didn’t look like people we’d see in Boulder! I know I live in a bubble, but seriously! It was uncomfortable being in a room with so many of them– just a few women in their camp. (The tight t-shirt babe types…) The Mayor said, by law they have to allow people in who have concealed carry permits, but please keep guns concealed. Lots of cops! I was sure glad to see them! Testimony did include a number of kids, middle school and high school age, and Moms Demand Gunsense (our group works with them too.) Someone talked about being at Virginia Tech. Another about a sister who was killed at Sandy Hook. I was speaker 72– and there were 149 signed up to speak!
After we were done, we headed right out– get out before it ends, before some crazies follow us to our car! Just outside the door someone called to us and I about jumped out of my skin! She was from the Faith Communities United Against Gun Violence group as well and wanted to introduce herself. Whew!
I couldn’t help but think about those Parkland kids who were brave enough to stand up and speak. In Trumplandia its no small feat. And speaking of courage, the City Council unanimously voted to move the ban to the next stage. One step at a time…”