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This Recycling Resource Page is follow up information related to our Recycling Series of blog posts.

A Note on Recycling

The one constant in the topic of recycling is money. Any category of consumer material starts with a money making commodity that can be manufactured into goods, sold, used, collected for recycling and sold for an additional use. The problem is the array of byproducts created by the cycle of manufacture to landfill.

  • Manufacture: chemicals introduced into the environment, Fossil Fuels burned for energy.
  • Shipping: more fossil fuels and packaging materials.
  • Collection of recyclables: more fossil fuels for collection trucks.more shipping to collection centers or other markets for bulk sale.
  • Landfills: large areas no longer usable due to the dumping of non-biodegradable items.

Each of these byproducts contribute to loss of quality of our air, water, land for growing food, and give no real benefit to offset these losses.

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