Tesla Down Under

My husband, mother-in-law and I had a trip to Tasmania over Christmas and New Year 2017-2018.

This was a trip to see family and have a real change of perspective. Seeing another culture, albeit one that is not too different from our own relative to the entire world of cultures, and living life differently for an extended period of time highlights what works or needs a shake up in our own lives.

Australia and the Unites States have first world innovations and desires, environmental impact similarities—present and potential. Get enough humans together and you will have a push-pull for who gets the benefit resources. From my point of view the accessibility of the natural resources was pretty plain. Where else when the sun goes down can you have a backyard full of wallabies?

We also share first world dreams and solutions.

One part of the trip was a side visit to Bruny Island. Driving around Bruny is pretty much one more beautiful beach after another, great food and witty conversation. Have enough local wine or beer and you’re pretty certain that you are witty too.

A surprising amount of Australian caught seafood is exported but there is enough left to keep any visitor happy, at least in the restaurants if not in the grocery stores, but that’s another story.

Eating out you will find any number fish and shellfish and a standout in the Bruny Island oysters, with a  flavor I can only describe as the taste of soft ocean. If you don’t know what I mean, go to any wonderful oyster venue on the east coast of the USA, eat many oysters. They are equally delicious, with their own varieties of deep, rich briny flavors. Then hop on a plane for Tasmania, go to the nearest place serving Bruny Island oysters and see if you agree. Creamy Goodness…. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but at least you will have had a trip to Tassie.

Along the way around the island there are blessedly few commercial structures. One is a small grocery/convenience store. And right there on the face of the building, with a couple of dedicated parking spots is this:


Tesla and Bosch chargers at the Adventure Bay General Store. Whomever had the notion to add this energy source to an out of the way next-stop-Antarctica place, bless them. Every day there is one less reason to keep pumping oil.

Like Chicken Man, Tesla is now Everywhere. Well since the trip it is even more everywhere after launching Space X.

Happy travels to all on our Tiny Planet!